RELUX001 What I Love About This Jacket? It’s Totally Old!!!

I love that this Army Jacket was issued in 1944 to a guy named Arthur J. Mott. I found a label on the inside right pocket has the P.O. #, the date issued and even the pattern #. It’s the real deal. I had to cut off the buttons to reposition them, but I definitely have to use them on the jacket. Or maybe I’ll make earrings out of them….

Now I’ve gotta start looking for inspiration and ideas for changing this jacket up. I’m thinking of going kinda Chanel/Military since that was all over the runways this season. You know, frayed edges, old grosgrain ribbon, what will modernize it is the new cropped rounded shape. I’ll have to update the sleeves cause they look really mannish.


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Ten Twenty Twenty Ten 10/20/2010

What a great date! I love anagrams. Use, reuse and create new meanings. It’s exactly what I’m doing with Reluxia. Looks Redux. Glam. Again.

Take a moment to think about the impact and importance of creating new meaning from existing ideas, objects, and situations.


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RELUX001 Army Jacket Size 42

Today I’ve got my huge tailoring scissors out and I’m cutting into an army green vintage find, a Men’s size 42 flight jacket. I’m not sure where my scissors will take me yet, but I know it’s gonna be vintage-inspired and a whole lot smaller!

I started by cutting the sleeves off and saving them. Cutting into the side seams, I started to reshape the curved front and cropped back. I love how wool is such a malleable fabric! The way it starts to take on new shapes under your hands; it’s like sculpting clay in some ways.

I love all the hand tailoring that goes into vintage jackets!

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Lovely Inspiration in the Lower East Side, NYC

Walking along on a very sunny afternoon, I found these lovely pieces in a vintage store on Rivington. I’m excited about incorporating these delicate details into my upcycling projects!

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Upcycled Fashion for a Cause 10/10/10

I thought that 10/10/10 is the perfect ground zero date to start a journey in a new direction…I’ve finally settled into life here in the East Bay. It’s been the endless summer as we moved from Brooklyn to Oakland over the months of April to July. And now Indian summer’s hit in the middle of October! that’s 8 months of summer!

Now that the dust has settled, I can start to post about an idea that’s been bubbling up for a while. I’ve been thinking about the ever changing role of fashion and what inspires me these days. I love new ideas I’ve found around upcycled fashion when paired with a non-profit cause. I’ve noticed several Australian designers who are donating their time and talent to raise money for non-profits. I think it’s fantastic.

I’m really curious to see how fashion for a cause + social media can create viral fundraising for non-profits….stay tuned as Luxdelux starts a journey in a new direction!!

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